Happy People, Happy Homes

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All of us have houses, be it a small flat or a luxurious villa. What makes these houses a home? It is the people living in them. So what makes a home happy? The happiness of the people residing in these homes. Happy, content people make the home a better place to come back to!!

Happiness, in today’s stressful times, is hard to come by. With everyone leading busy lives, there is hardly any time to just sit down, slow down and take some time for yourself to appreciate the life you have. Happiness is a choice. If we want to be happy, however busy or tired we are, we will find a way to be happy. Happiness need not necessarily be found in big things, it can be about the little things in life. For some great tips on happiness, scroll down:


  • Do what you love: Nothing makes one more happy then doing what you love. It could be anything—cooking, drawing, singing or listening to music. Doing what you love makes your heart content and at peace, which translates to happiness. So make it a point to take time off your busy schedule and spend time doing what you love. A beautiful painting, a well-cooked dish, a lovely song, can brighten your day and warm your heart.
  • Go on a trip: Travel always makes one happy. The idea of getting away from the routine grind is in itself exciting. Once in a while, take a break from the daily mundane life and go a trip. It could either be solo or in the company of friends. When you come back from a trip, you will feel lighter and happier. Everyone must take at least one or two holidays a year to enjoy and be happy.


  • Indulge in DIY: Giving wings to your creativity is a great way of finding joy!! You can take up some decorative DIY work and create something beautiful for your home!! Not only are you getting joy from creating something new, you are adding to the decor of your home.
  • Spend time with family, friends: There is no greater joy than spending quality time with family and friends. Organize get-together at home so that family and friends can come over, click fun photos and create good memories. Happy people are what adds to the beauty of any home.


  • Take time out for yourself: Spending quality time alone is very important. Love yourself, and find time for yourself. Sometimes you need a break from everything and everyone around you. Take time out and enjoy time with yourself. Rethink your dreams & plans, revisit your favourite memories, write and just enjoy your company. This will bring you immense joy, happiness and inner peace.

Our happiness depends on us and only us. We may be going through tiring times but if we choose to then everyday can be a happy day!! So make that choice today and do whatever that makes you happy!